Heating With Wood - Holiday Apartment (DG)


  • NEVER add more than three or four large logs or even fill the entire oven chamber with wood. This leads to overheating and thus to damage of the furnace.

  • Under no circumstances pour fire accelerators such as alcohol, gasoline or similar into the oven ->DANGER TO LIFE

  • Nothing but untreated and dry wood is allowed to be burned

  • Use only newsprint paper or stove lighter for lighting

Preparing a fire

  • Preparing the newspaper: Take a folded newspaper/cardboard and tear it in the direction of the fibres approx. every 1 cm as far as possible. Now open the newspaper and loosely crumple the individual pages together. Tearing is important so that the paper gets enough air, burns completely and generates a good heat.

  • Prepare the fireplace: Place the crumpled newspaper/cardboard in the middle of the firebox and put small pieces of wood over it (split small parts, plywood, boxed wood).

  • Build a "fireplace": Take two logs of wood and place them on the right and left side (approx. 10 cm apart) next to the crumpled newspapers/heap of fire. Then by 90 degrees two parallel logs are shifted again,... Build a "fireplace" of logs with 3 layers in the middle of which lie the crumpled newspapers and the small firewood.

  • NEVER add more than three or four large logs or even fill the entire oven chamber with wood. This leads to overheating and thus to damage of the furnace.

Adjustment of furnace

  • To ensure that the stove ignites well and no smoke is drawn into the living area, a good smoke extraction is required. For this purpose, the throttle damper and the supply air dampers must be opened.

  • The supply air lever is located at the bottom left of the furnace (0 - closed, 1 - open)

  • The trigger for the throttle damper is located at the top of the chimney tube (- close, + open)

Start a fire

  • Now light the paper or cardboard and close the oven door. If the stove does not get enough air supply, open the ash box approx. 1 cm.

  • If the fire doesn´t burn it is helpful to put again some paper, cardboard or small pieces of wood between the logs.

  • ATTENTION: Always keep the oven door completely closed. Otherwise, unhealthy flue gases are drawn into the living space and the fire alarm is triggered (see "Hazard alarm system" manual).

When the fire burns

  • After 5-10 minutes, the heat in the firebox has slowly ignited all wood. In the oven, slowly embers form. If not read on in the next section.

  • To prevent the embers and the other wood from burning off so quickly, you can close the supply air (lever to 0). Close the air supply, if the stove should burn for as long as possible, e. g. over night.

  • The trigger for the throttle damper should be open at all time (setting "+"). If the fire burns too strong, close it a little bit but NEVER close the exhaust air completely. If it is closed, dangerous fumes will move into the apartment.

  • If you heat with wood, it is advisable not to charge the night storage heater in the living room to save electricity costs.

If the fire doesn´t burn …

Mostly it has one of the following reasons:

  • Check if the supply air and air exhaust is open.

  • The initial heat from the newspaper and the small pieces of wood was too short or too small. In this case, tear again some newspaper/cardboard, loosely crumble it together and carefully put it between the wood.

  • The large pieces of wood are not getting enough heat, are too close together or too far apart. In this case, let the fire burn out and rebuild the stack of wood. Distribute a few small, easily combustible pieces of wood underneath the large pieces of wood.

  • Since the wood is already warm after the first attempt, the second attempt is usually more successful.

  • Never use accelerants such as alcohol, petrol or similar!!

Distribution of warm air in the room

  • To ensure that the oven heat is quickly dissipated into the room air, you can switch on the oven fan via the socket at the rear of the furnace.